Frequently asked questions

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  1. Where CAN'T I carry?
    Any place posted with a no firearms sign. Any Place you are asked to leave (if it is not posted with a sign, you don't have to ask permission, if they see it and ask you to leave, then do so). Any Place prohibited by law. See Michigan State Police CPL/Firearms Info Link in the bottom right section of the page.
  2. Should I have self-defense insurance?
    We all hope that we never have to use our firearms for anything more than target practice, hunting, and sport shooting. But in the event that you do need to defend yourself with a firearm, having an attorney will be a must. If you don't have access to $50-100K for funding your defense already, then I highly suggest Self-Defense insurance. For a few dollars a month, you save yourself in a number of ways later. See the link to SecondCall Defense in the side panel.
  3. Do I get my CPL at the end of the Class?
    At the end of the class you will receive your Class Completion certificate and you will use that to apply for your CPL at your Country Clerks office. This process is explained in detail during the class.
  4. Can I bring my Friend/Spouse/Parents gun to use in class?
    The short answer is: NO, unless they come to class as well. The long answer is: Michigan State law requires that Pistols/Hand Guns be registered. Only the person the pistol is registered to may possess and transport that pistol UNLESS they have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL). The registered owner may bring the pistol to the class for you and leave it with the instructor for you to use. The owner will have to pick the pistol up at the end of class.
  5. Do I have to take a class to renew my CPL?
    Continued training and education is ALWAYS a best practice. However, NO, you do not need to retake a class to renew your CPL UNLESS your CPL has been expired for more than 12 months. To renew your CPL you must self certify that you have spent at least 3 hours reviewing Firearms Laws of Michigan and Firearms Safety, as well as having spent 1 hour at the range in the last 6 months.
  6. Where do you teach?
    All over the state. I work with multiple ranges across the state and teach classes wherever my students need me to. I can also break classes up into multiple sections to make sure the class meets your scheduling needs. Contact me for more information.
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